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A positioning suitable for a market leader in sorting solutions

Aweta is a global market leader in innovative solutions for sorting and packaging fresh fruit and vegetables. But what would happen if others in the market apply their marketing even more effectively? If their story is more visible than yours? In a time when your customers are increasingly consulting digital sources, you can't just sit and wait... you need to take action! The first step is to create a story for the international market which appeals to everyone. This is the only way to maintain and build on existing success.




  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website


Several interviews with Aweta revealed that the company’s added value lies in a combination of the latest technology, their understanding of customer needs and the ability to adapt to every market. "We add value to our customers” is the starting point for everything that Aweta does. For positioning, an inspiring brand story was written to provide direction and guidance both internally and externally. This was translated into a fresh, new visual identity and a new website. Aweta can thus communicate consistently from its core values with (potential) customers and it has a website fit for a market leader.


A positioning and image matching the company's market-leader position and having support within the organization worldwide. Now that their story is complete and they know how to distinguish themselves from the rest, Aweta can implement it throughout. From brochures to company buildings and from machinery to trade fair presentations. They also have a new website where they can communicate effectively with leads, new business and existing customers. This is where they can meet the different needs of their target groups and where quality and innovation come into their own.
“This is the leg-up we were looking for at Aweta. We are all very proud of our renewed positioning”

Norman van der Gaag - Sales director

Norman van der Gaag - Sales director

About Aweta

Aweta was born out of one man's desire to help vegetable growers in the Netherlands sort their cucumbers and tomatoes accurately. By now, Aweta has 55 years of experience and a reputation as global market leader in large-scale, innovative solutions for sorting and packaging fresh fruit and vegetables. With sales and service representation in more than 45 countries worldwide, Aweta has gained a full understanding of the products and needs of both the international and the domestic markets.

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