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Collective promotion of Dutch gerbera in Europe

Coloured by Gerbera is the collective gerbera promotion committee of the Netherlands. Its aim is to promote gerbera internationally among florists, retailers and wholesalers. But what makes Gerbera different from other flowers? What is their distinguishing characteristic? And how can they bring their message across to their target groups?


Coloured by Gerbera


  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website


We started with brand positioning. We talked to growers and producers to understand the story behind the gerbera and find out why they are so distinctive. A colorful, cheerful, trendy flower that is getting stronger every day and is always available in a wide variety of colors. We also determined the brand values by which the gerbera can be recognized. Once the basis was in place, we divided the large range into categories, making this many-branched family more comprehensible, and adding experience and emotion. We then translated this to the website and social media channels with an appropriate visual identity.


A high-profile brand with a recognizable identity which received favorable reactions from the various target groups. We laid a solid foundation on which the collective can build further. All of the marketing tools which have now been developed for Coloured by Gerbera, both online and offline, and from social media posts to campaigns, can rely on this brand foundation.
“Fantastic that the gerbera has been transformed from a product into a brand. The commitment to promotion is reflected in the sales figures.”

W.P. van den Berg - Chairman

W.P. van den Berg - Chairman

About Coloured by Gerbera

In 2013, all Dutch gerbera growers and producers joined together and formed an official foundation: Coloured by Gerbera. This is the collective gerbera promotion committee of the Netherlands. Here, you will find inspiration and information on the various ranges.

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