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Eef Advocatuur

Eva Spijkerman is a born and raised Brabantine. After studying law in Rotterdam, she definitively traded Brabant for Rotterdam to work at a renowned law firm and learn the ins and outs of the profession. For over nine years, she dedicated herself wholeheartedly to assisting victims of personal injury at that firm. Eventually, the desire to start her own practice grew, leading to the creation of Eef Advocatuur.


Eef Advocatuur


  • visual identity
  • website


It was 2020 when we first spoke to Eva at her former workplace. Now, 3 years later, she approached Vandeez again for strategic and creative advice for her personal brand. The challenge was to make impact as a 'new player' in a market she was already familiar with. Together with Eva, we had a creative insights session, a brainstorming session that ultimately defined the guidelines for her corporate identity and new website. Eva had clear ideas and valuable input. Her personal approach is what she is known for, hence the name of her office: Eef Advocatuur. The positive feelings clients have and the fact that Eva takes care of them are crucial in her brand image and the design of the new website. The creatives at Vandeez worked with a color palette of pastel colors, elegant typography, and personal, approachable photography with the goal of exuding trust.

The new brand image is well-represented on her new website, developed using the latest technology, optimized for every device, and user-friendly for both the user and the visitor. With a focus on SEO (technology and content), this will enhance Eva's visibility and recognition.


With this, Eef Advocatuur has a distinctive brand image that stands out among the 350 Personal Injury Lawyers (LSA) in the Netherlands. A distinctive look and feel, compelling texts—overall, a beautiful start to establish her own brand and dedicate herself to assisting victims of personal injury. Thank you for your trust, Eef!
"From offline to an online business card. Everything has been thought of. Together with Vandeez, a beautiful overall brand image has been created.”

Eva Spijkerman - LSA lawyer

Eva Spijkerman - LSA lawyer

About Eef Advocatuur

Eva Spijkerman is a born and raised Brabantine. Due to her law studies at Erasmus University, she moved to Rotterdam. After obtaining her master's degree in Liability & Insurance, she remained in Rotterdam. Since September 2014, Eva has been working in law, and in early 2015, she was sworn in as a lawyer. Since then, she has been dealing with personal injury on a daily basis. Eva worked for over nine years at a renowned law firm, where she learned the intricacies of the profession. In 2020, she successfully completed the Grotius specialization course in personal injury, after which she was admitted to the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (LSA).

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