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Gerbera United

In recent years, Gerbera United has grown into a progressive gerbera specialist with a special product range and global network of customers. Economies of scale, sustainability and technological innovations rapidly change the floriculture sector. Gerbera United is a frontrunner. A distinctive story and a consistent visual identity were missing. As a strategic and creative partner, we have created a new brand foundation together with Gerbera United

brand essentials

  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website


  • agriculture and horticulture


We started with strategic sessions together with the team of Gerbera United. What is your distinctive story? What do you stand for? How do you stand out amongst other players in the floriculture sector? The insights were tested and refined through interviews with employees and customers. Once the brand positioning was in place, the brand promise was created and the visual identity was renewed while maintaining brand recognition. Distinctiveness in text, design and photography ensures the recognizable Gerbera United corporate identity. The new website gives the visitor the necessary information, scrolls optimally on mobile, is easy to maintain via the user-friendly CMS and tells the story of Gerbera United in all facets.


Gerbera United claims its position in the floriculture sector based on a clear strategy, recognizable story, recognizable visual identity and customer friendly website. The foundation is there to futher grow in the future.

"This new brand foundation and the visual translation make us distinctive in a challenging market. It shows that we continue to innovate and surprise!'

about Gerbera United

Gerbera United was founded in 2009 after a merger between the plantations of Dick Kooij and WP van den Berg. Both companies had the ambition to become the most progressive gerbera plantation and saw the potential to realize this together. In 2018, a new production location was opened in Nootdorp, where the most advanced cultivation and processing systems have been developed. Together with the companies in Moerkapelle and Zevenhuizen, the cultivation area became 10.5 hectares. In recent years, Gerbera United has grown into a gerbera specialist with a special product range and global network of customers.

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