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Introduction of innovative storage and order-picking system

The e-commerce market is growing. But right now when building costs are soaring and manpower is scarce, companies are facing huge challenges. Innovator, Oscar van Buijtene, owner of the OBS Groep, developed an alternative: Intellistore. A new, intelligent order-picking system which helps companies maximize the efficiency and profitability of their warehouse. But how do you introduce a new brand to the market? That requires a rock-solid brand foundation and a strategic launching campaign.




  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website


We started by holding strategic sessions with Oscar and his team. We made them think outside the box and set aside their preoccupation with technological issues. During these sessions, the team was encouraged to put on their thinking caps and consider why Intellistore distinguishes itself. What do they stand for and where are they going with this innovative system? Who is their target audience and how do they fulfill people’s needs? When this positioning was in place we translated the story visually. It is important for this kind of new products that you create an animation video and launching plan, as well as a website. Together, we marketed their company and product.


A brand foundation was laid with which Intellistore is ready to conquer the world. Minimize space. Maximize performance. Its brand promise says it all! With their brand foundation, Intellistore can convince potential customers of its strength - long before they have seen the actual system.
“Intellistore is ready to conquer the world with their new brand foundation.”

Oscar van Buijtene - Director

Oscar van Buijtene - Director

About Intellistore

Intellistore is a new, fully automated storage and order-processing system. An extremely compact, fast, accurate, cost-saving system that minimizes the space needed for storing products and maximizes order-picking performance. The system gets companies ready for the logistic demands of today and tomorrow. Intellistore is part of the OBS Group. De OBS group is made up of: OBS Techniek, 247 Watersnijden, 247 Lasersnijden, OWM, CNC Verspanen and Artomation software programming and engineering.

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