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Making visible what the fund means to naval personel

The Karel Doorman Fonds has supported navy personnel and their loved ones since 1944. This organization has the potential to help many people, providing they can make their story known to the people they want to reach. With a new website and visual identity, the Karel Doorman Fonds would like to communicate and offer their services to as many people as possible. This is where navy personnel and their families who need support can find the fund and find out what the fund can do for them. The Karel Doormans Fonds goes further where official bodies have reached the limit of their possibilities.


Karel Doorman Fonds


  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website


Attention and genuine commitment, that is the basis. We set out to learn about the client, their operations, their people and their target audience. Current events and the services now offered by the Karel Doorman fund supplemented the historical narrative. That story was the basis for setting up the website and the visual identity. Their story seamlessly connects textually and visually and is made available to all thanks to the website. The story comes to life with just a touch of imagination.


A clear and solid brand positioning in image and text, with the possibility of building further. The website can easily be managed by the customer. It makes their life a little easier so that they can concentrate on the goal of their organization: helping more, new people. With the new website and visual identity, the Karel Doorman Fonds now has a focal point where their story is told and where the threshold for the target group is low. This means that they can give support to even more people.

About Karel Doorman Fonds

The Karel Doorman Fonds offers financial support to naval personnel and their families when official bodies have reached the limit of their possibilities. Both individuals and organizations can apply to the Karel Doorman Fonds for financial support. They support projects within the areas of individual support, remembrance, care, welfare and research.

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