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Rebranding of breeder and producer of plants

Breeding, propagating and producing beautiful plants is the life-blood of KP Holland. Thanks to their expertise in growing and breeding the products Spathiphyllum, Kalanchoë and Curcuma, they occupy a unique market position. To communicate this position and the strength of KP Holland even more effectively to the outside world, we worked with KP Holland on realizing their brand foundation.


KP Holland


  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website


We sat down with KP Holland and took a close look at the company. We encouraged them to think outside the box and we jointly built a brand foundation using our proven approach: 1. Brand positioning, 2. Visual identity, 3. Website. Step-by-step, we made their brand even sharper to the target audience.


KP Holland always strives for plant excellence. That is the brand promise established with the new brand positioning and that KP Holland fulfills internationally. They always aim to achieve excellence within their product groups Spathiphyllum, Kalanchoë, Curcuma and BeMini. KP Holland does not launch a product on the market before it has been thoroughly tested for stability, uniformity, shelf-life and market potential. This ensures that their growers and trading partners have a top-class range of plants at their disposal. Due to the rebranding, KP Holland now has an even stronger brand foundation on which they can set their goals.
“The rebranding of KP Holland has laid a solid foundation which allows us to go forward and achieve market leadership within our crop ranges."

Pim van der Knaap - Commercial director

Pim van der Knaap - Commercial director

About KP Holland

KP Holland is a global player in breeding, propagating and producing several varieties of the plants: Spathiphyllum, Curcuma and Kalanchoë. They also produce the BeMini brand, a green mini mix plant. All KP Holland products have been developed using the newest techniques, thoroughly tested and they know exactly how the plant will grow in real life. KP Holland always aims for excellence.

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