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During the past few years, MeerDeur had focused on developing their product and organization. Now it was time to position their brand more strongly in the market. That was their reason for calling in Vandeez. Together with MeerDeur, we set to work on laying a solid brand foundation.

brand essentials

  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website


  • manufacturing


We sat down with MeerDeur to scrutinize their company. We pulled them out of the rut and jointly built a brand foundation using our proven approach: 1. Brand positioning. 2. Visual identity. 3.Website. For brand positioning, we found out what made the target audience tick and we decided how MeerDeur could communicate even more effectively with their target audience. The next step was creating a strong, recognizable visual identity by giving their visual identity a whole new look. When the new website was finished, the new positioning and visual identity were ready for the whole world to see. MeerDeur can build on this new brand foundation to realize their ambitions.


MeerDeur enjoys the market position of the 'masters in doors'. They always know how to transform their customers' needs into doors and automation with maximum added value. More sustainability, performance, return and experience. Less maintenance, costs and expenses. Customers can expect more from MeerDeur. With the brand foundation that has been realized - consisting of sharp brand positioning, recognizable visual identity and effective website - MeerDeur can continue building up their own strong brand. We are proud of our collaboration with MeerDeur and the rebranding of their brand.

“Since the rebranding, we are in an even better position let others know who we are, what we stand for and what we can offer."

About MeerDeur

MeerDeur advises, designs, produces, assembles and maintains automatic doors for companies in a wide range of sectors. From the agricultural to the manufacturing sector and from utilities to Retail. With their brands MeerDeur®, Speeddoor® and Gatemaster®, they always supply the best doors and door drives for every situation and requirement.

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