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Making an impact in the (bio)pharmaceutical industry

Romynox was founded in 2008 and is a supplier of high-purity process solutions in the (bio)pharmaceutical industry. It has since grown into a prominent name, trusted by organizations worldwide, including major pharmaceutical companies. Romynox believes it can make an even greater impact on the industries it serves and has enlisted the help of Vandeez.

brand essentials

  • brand positioning
  • visual identity


  • manufacturing
  • retail


Together with Romynox's team, we conducted strategic sessions at an external location. A different environment, thinking out of the box, and full of energy, searching for their unique story. What makes Romynox different from competitors? We then researched the brand landscape by interviewing employees and customers. The most commonly heard terms were expertise, decisiveness, and transparency, providing invaluable input for the development of the new brand foundation, with a significant role for the mission: 'Connecting high purity processes.' The original values, 'Fast, Focused, Flexible, and Friendly,' have also been retained, but with a greater focus on culture and behavior of the "Romyteer," the valuable ambassadors of the organization. By fully aligning the Romynox visual identity with the DNA and ambitions, it forms a strong foundation with great appeal to the target group. Repetition is the strength here. One appearance: from color to typography and from logo to visual language. Romynox is known in the market for the color red, the logo, and the extensive product catalog. Not a rebranding in this case, but a restyling. A more accessible shade of red, a rounder and friendlier font, and the use of round lines simulating connection. This has also been translated into a web design concept. An appearance in line with 'connecting high purity processes.'


With this powerful brand foundation, Romynox is able to continue to make an impact in a dynamic (bio)pharmaceutical industry in the future. In this market, Romynox will be more top of mind for engineers, installers, and manufacturers when it comes to desired knowledge, advice, and the right products to connect and optimize processes.

"Excited to have Vandeez as a strategic partner. We received a lot of energy and insight during our sessions. Very content with the result."

About Romynox

Romynox makes an impact in the biotech-pharmaceutical and life science industry by providing high-purity process solutions that connect and enhance processes. In 2022, Romynox opened a beautiful new facility at one of the most sustainable business parks, 'Heron,' in Nootdorp, enabling them to serve their customers even better.

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