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Elevating the Van Deelen Liften brand to new heights

Since 1991, Van Deelen Liften has grown into a key player in elevator maintenance and renovation in the Rotterdam and The Hague region. With dedication, they ensure better elevator performance and satisfied users. But when you have such a beautiful story to tell, it's also important to share it in the right way. Vandeez and Van Deelen Liften joined forces for a rebranding, aiming for a fresh look, attracting talent, and preparing the brand for the future.


Van Deelen Liften


  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website


We start with brand positioning, where we delve into the core of their story through strategic sessions and interviews with employees and clients. The mission "Making every floor accessible for everyone" and the promise "Certainty on every floor" reflect Van Deelen Liften's commitment to reliable elevator performance. With Van Deelen Liften as a partner, grandma effortlessly reaches the top floor, heavy groceries don't need to climb the stairs, and people always reach their destination worry-free. Van Deelen Liften sets itself apart through attention to detail and improved elevator performance.

The visual identity of Van Deelen Liften underwent a contemporary redesign while preserving the recognizable blue and red colors. The up and down arrows in the new logo symbolize both the movement of elevators and the dedication to elevate customer satisfaction to new heights. In addition to the logo and visual identity, photography has been refreshed, and various brand expressions have been realized.

The rebranding comes to life on the new website, where not only the right story is told to clients but also new talent is attracted. The website showcases what Van Deelen Liften stands for, provides insight into their services, and presents tangible results of their work. Potential clients are convinced of Van Deelen Liften's expertise, and potential employees see a personal family business where they would love to work.


With the rebranding, Van Deelen Liften is ready for the future. They not only possess the right narrative but also have the proper visual identity and tools to communicate it powerfully. It has been an inspiring collaboration with an end result that everyone can rightfully be proud of.
Visitcard Van Deelen liften
Visitcard Van Deelen liften
Photography Van Deelen Liften
Photography Van Deelen Liften
"With the new look and website, we convey our story more powerfully and attract the right talent."

Bjorn van Lingen - Planner / Work Preparer

Bjorn van Lingen - Planner / Work Preparer

Photography Van Deelen Liften
Photography Van Deelen Liften
Photography Van Deelen Liften
Website Van Deelen Liften
Photography Van Deelen Liften

about Van Deelen Liften

Through preventive maintenance, timely renovation, and swift service, Van Deelen Liften ensures that their customers' elevators function well, are safe, and provide an optimal user experience. Van Deelen Liften turns a well-functioning elevator into a certainty and is renowned as the reliable partner in the Rotterdam and The Hague region.

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