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Richard Matchett is the director of the energy and real estate consultancy firm Veenpark Vastgoed Advies. With over 15 years of experience, they have had the privilege of assisting homeowners' associations (HOAs) throughout the Netherlands with energy advice. His company has grown, new colleagues have joined, and the range of services has changed. His wish was for the right online presentation. That means: the current brand story, a good representation of the team, and addressing the desired target audiences.


Veenpark Vastgoed Advies


  • visual identity
  • website


We have had the pleasure of working for Richard Matchett before. It was fantastic that he approached Vandeez again with his current issue. Richard was invited to a creative insights session. A brainstorming session where we eventually defined the framework for his brand identity and new website. Richard clearly understands his distinctive value and what his company stands for. Guiding sustainability projects for HOAs. And most importantly: without hassle! Focus on the added value for the end customer. Richard and his team provide complete support, from Idea to Execution. Veenpark Real Estate Advice must radiate that trust. The network of partners, the results, and the way of communicating play a role in the perception of their customers. The creatives at Vandeez started with a color palette of bright green and lilac, clear and accessible typography, and photography. The goal was to exude trust!

The new brand identity is well-reflected on the new Veenpark Real Estate Advice website. Naturally developed with the latest technology, optimized for every device, and user-friendly for visitors. With a focus on SEO (technology and content) that will help Veenpark with findability and awareness.


Sustainability projects for an HOA can be a time-consuming and complex process. This collaboration was the opposite. In co-creation, we were able to create a striking identity for Veenpark Vastgoed Advies. No unnecessary complexity! The brand values realistic, achievable, and affordable are translated into text and image on the new website. The team of experienced advisors has been given a face.
"'Extremely happy with the pragmatic approach and the great end result. With this, we can face the future with full confidence."

Richard Mattchet - Veenpark Vastgoed Advies

Richard Mattchet - Veenpark Vastgoed Advies

About Veenpark Vastgoed Advies

Veenpark Vastgoed Advies specializes in sustainability projects for HOAs. With a team of independent advisors, they relieve HOA managers, technical managers, and HOA board members throughout the entire process of realizing a future-proof building.

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