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The importance of good brand values

Strong brands often have clear and recognizable brand values. Values that convey what your organization stands for and how you do things. And when the product or service offerings of competitors are nearly identical, your brand values make the difference.

  • 2 minutes
  • December 15, 2020
  • Christy van der Sman

what are brand values

Brand values are an important part of your brand identity. They describe in a few words who you are, much like personal characteristics. It's the DNA of your company. Brand values give your brand character and determine whether people can identify with it and want to connect with your brand. They are the associations that the brand holds in the minds of all stakeholders. Below is an example of the brand values (and brand promise) of Coolblue, combined in a brand compass.


blog merkwaarden voorbeeld coolblue

Example: Coolblue Brand Compass


difference between core values and brand values

Just as brand values live in the minds of your stakeholders, core values live in the minds of your employees. Core values have meaning in the behavior of the organization (internal brand image) and relate to the organizational culture. They describe what is expected at the core of employees. On the other hand, brand values have meaning in the minds of customers (external brand image) and indicate what makes the brand valuable to the customer.




why brand values

Good brand values provide a consistent image of your brand and form the common thread in everything your brand does. They provide guidance. This ensures, often unconsciously (95%), that others are either attracted or not attracted to your brand. As a brand, this is how you attract the right employees and customers. Brand values, therefore, make your brand more valuable.

criteria for good brand values

Choosing authentic brand values is not done lightly. It is a part of your brand identity and aligns with the mission and vision of your organization. Therefore, it's important to have certain aspects of your brand identity clear before determining your brand values. On average, every organization has 2 to 6 brand values, and they meet the following criteria: credible, relevant, sustainable, and distinctive.

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