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business services

Business services are the lubricant of the Dutch knowledge economy. It is a highly diverse sector that represents more than 20% of the Dutch economy. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), our country has approximately 350,000 business service providers. For 2024, ING Research expects a growth of 2% in the service sector. Read below all the challenges within the business services sector.


staff shortages limit growth in the services sector.
One of the biggest challenges for business service providers is still the shortage in the labor market. Whether it concerns accountants, lawyers, cleaners or temporary workers, they are all very difficult to find at the moment. The staff shortage is expected to remain high in the coming years. The staff shortage limits the growth of business service providers.

staying ahead and keeping up with digital transformations
New technologies and smart applications are often first applied in the sector where people and knowledge are central. Many service organizations have already undergone a digital transformation themselves. Business services therefore serve as a testing ground for other sectors. Proper application of IT increases productivity in the sector. This results in lower costs, more flexibility and better services.

artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as one of the most disruptive technologies impacting both daily life and business. AI consists of a number of technologies that will drastically change the current way of doing business, including in the business services sector.

online platforms
Online platforms are taking the place of intermediaries. The rise of platforms is evident, especially in the flexible workforce industry (e.g., Temper, YoungOnes). These platforms match supply and demand in a fast and accessible manner, posing a threat to traditional businesses in the flexible workforce sector. On the other hand, it also presents opportunities for traditional companies to develop their own platform or acquire an existing one.

sustainable future
The EU aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, with the entire EU striving to be climate-neutral by 2050. Netherlands has adopted these goals. This also has a major impact on the business services sector.

The above data is based on ING Research.

market challenges

The effective use of marketing is playing an increasingly large role in promoting the potential growth and future-proofing of companies in the business services sector. As a services company, do you recognize yourself facing any of the marketing challenges above?
  • Your brand is not reaching the desired target group
  • You don't have a compelling story that convinces customers
  • You do not stand out from the other players in your market
  • You have a strategic ambition that you cannot achieve with your current branding
  • You struggle to find employees or your current employees have no pride in their work
  • Your brand is missing out on the huge opportunities of digitization
  • Your brand no longer matches current market and customer needs
  • Your branding lacks individuality and recognizability
  • You lack sharp choices in where to go with your brand

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