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government and non-profit

A well-functioning government and non-profit sector are crucially important to our society. The social ambitions and activities of government or non-profit organizations are furthering the interests of the Netherlands. But how do these ambitions dovetail with the changes that are about to take place? And what can the government and non-profit organizations do to stay future-proof? Find out below.


transparency is the norm
Transparency is an essential part of the raison d'être of government or non-profit organizations. Authorities and executive boards which draw up their visions and policies in splendid isolation are entirely out-of-date. Normal people, members and donors are demanding more input and accountability. Nowadays, it is important that government and non-profit organizations provide insight into spending and the objectives they have achieved. As a government or non-profit organization, you need to communicate most about the effect of your activities.

more collaboration with businesses
Even the most decisive government and non-profit organizations cannot solve social problems by themselves. They need help from local people and the business community. With growing pressure on businesses to become more socially active, the opportunities for collaboration are increasing. Boundaries between businesses and civil society organizations are increasingly blurring.

the future requires adaptability
Economic, social and technological developments are going at lightning speed. For government and non-profit organizations, adaptability is also more important than ever if they want to remain future-proof. Organizations need to think ahead, know what's happening in the world around them, continue to learn and have the ability to adapt in good time.

digital transformation
Digital transformation changes the way that government and non-profit organizations operate. Digitization speeds up service provision, communication and social processes, making them cheaper and easier. But it also brings extra challenges in the areas of safety, reliability, privacy and accessibility. Government and non-profit organizations need to introduce digitization in the interests of the users and not only to make things easier for their own organization. It is very important to consider the human dimension when introducing digitization.

rise of artificial intellegence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is on a rapid rise and it has already become an integral part of our society. We can use data-analysis and simulations to tackle problems before they actually occur. As with digitization, AI can only achieve societal acceptance and economic success if its applications safeguard the human dimension.

towards a sustainable society
The Netherlands is working towards a new, sustainable economy. The government aims to make society more sustainable and strengthen the economy. Non-profit organizations also put sustainability high on their agenda and some even derive their raison d'être from it. The Paris climate agreement provides government and non-profit organizations with guidelines for accelerating and scaling up towards a sustainable society.

The above data is based, among other things, on the research report commissioned by the Ministry of General affairs: ‘Iedereen aan zet’ (Everyone's Turn).

market challenges

The effective use of marketing is playing an increasingly large role in promoting the potential growth and future-proofing of government and non-profit organizations. As a government or non-profit organization, do you recognize any of the marketing challenges below?
  • Your brand is not reaching the desired target group
  • You don't have a compelling story that convinces consumers
  • You do not stand out from the other players in your market
  • You have a strategic ambition that you cannot achieve with your current branding
  • You struggle to find employees or your current employees have no pride in their work
  • Your brand is missing out on the huge opportunities of digitization
  • Your brand no longer matches current market and consumer needs
  • Your branding lacks individuality and recognizability
  • You lack sharp choices in where to go with your brand

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