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brand positioning

What do you stand for and what do you want to achieve? Why should customers choose your organization? Do you stand out among the other players in your market? Brand positioning will help you make clear-cut choices about which aspects of your brand you want to communicate to your target group.

brand identity

Brand identity is the very essence of your brand. It is what you stand for and what you are aiming for. Clearly articulating your brand identity will give you focus and a good grip on everything you do. Brand identity is made up of your root strength, mission, vision and brand values.

brand playing field

Why does your target audience choose your brand? When your brand identity has clearly been defined, we will explore your brand playing field. We will discover what makes your target audience tick and find out how we can make your brand stand out from all the other players in the market.

brand message

On the basis of your brand identity and brand playing field, we will determine how your brand will express itself towards the outside world. A sharp brand message will give your target audience reason to choose your brand, and confirm their feelings and desires.

guide book

We will incorporate your brand identity, brand playing field and brand message in a brand positioning guide book. This document will provide your organization with the tools it needs to achieve effective brand positioning.

increase your brand impact

We build your brand step-by-step. With our services we create a strong brand foundation with which you will achieve your ambitions.

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