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Repositioning as a movement for the entire social domain

Back2Basics Back2Basics has over 30 years of experience in increasing engagement within sports clubs. Their method has evolved into an approach for all organizations in the social domain, with the goal of connecting society. To effectively convey the right story and feeling to new target audiences within the social domain, Back2Basics chose Vandeez as their strategic partner.




  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website


We began by determining the right brand strategy. What are the current pain points and future ambitions? Together, we decided to rebrand Back2Basics from a "sub-brand" for sports clubs to a "master brand" for various target groups. With the rebranding, we established a new brand foundation that includes brand positioning, brand identity, and a redesigned website.


A clear positioning that emphasizes how Back2Basics is going to do things differently: straightforward, meaningful, and impactful. The way the brand values and promises are integrated into elements like the logo, icon, and colors makes the brand credible and authentic. This new brand identity has been implemented in all communication materials, providing Back2Basics with the right tools to make a real impact. The intent, design, and content come together on a new recognizable website. Parallax elements simulate motion. The choice of images and colors represents the relationships between people. In the context, we emphasize that Back2Basics motivates, inspires, and gets organizations moving. What a wonderful collaboration with the gentlemen from Back2Basics. Understanding, pragmatic, and in co-creation. This new brand foundation will undoubtedly help bring about change.
"This rebranding is the starting signal for a growing movement. From sports clubs to the entire social domain. We bring society together and do this differently: not complex, meaningful and with impact."

Sjors Brouwer - Founder

Sjors Brouwer - Founder

about Back2Basics

The story of Back2Basics began in 2011. Founders Berend Rubingh, Hans van Egdom, and Sjors Brouwer established the network organization Back2Basics to change the world. What started as a method for increasing engagement within sports clubs grew into an approach for all types of organizations in the social domain, with the goal of connecting society.

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