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Houweling Architecten

Jan Houweling contacted us in 2017 because his company, Houweling Architecten, needed a major restyle. Five years later, his goals have all been achieved and the company is ready to take the next step. Houweling Architecten know even more about their market and the clients they want to work for. With this ambition in mind, they approached us again for help in repositioning their company.


Houweling Architecten


  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website


We sat down with them and took a close look at the company. We got them to think outside the box and we jointly built a brand foundation using our proven approach. While we were working on brand positioning, we noticed that the company's unique selling point is not based on a single architectural style, but on its optimal translation of different customer needs. They design environments which improve the quality of life of their users. We translated this into a suitable visual identity and website. We drew up a content plan providing insight on how to further activate the brand.


The Houweling Architecten brand is ready to approach its various customers in a more targeted way in the coming years. The expertise and distinctive quality of Houweling Architecten are clearly expressed in all their communications. Their brand foundation has been realized, potential clients know the strengths of Houweling Architecten and they know themselves that their designs surpass expectation.
“Now that the brand foundation has been developed, we can realize our renewed ambitions.”

About Houweling Architecten

Houweling Architecten designs attractive, sustainable buildings where people can live, work and enjoy leisure activities optimally. Designs by Houweling Architecten surpass expectations and go for the 'wow effect.' In designs by Houweling Architecten, clients' wishes form the design, building and atmosphere. They create innovative designs and concepts which respond to the changing needs and challenges of our society.

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