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Turning two construction companies into one strong brand

On 1 January 2023, the Hoogerbrugge and the Schotte Construction Companies merged and became one organization. The two renowned construction companies are continuing together under the name Schotte Hoogerbrugge. Vandeez worked as strategic and creative partner with Hoogerbrugge and Schotte with the result that these two construction companies became one string brand


Schotte Hoogerbrugge


  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website


With the directors of Hoogerbrugge and Schotte, we mapped out the identity and ambitions of both organizations. Schotte Hoogerbrugge has nearly 200 years of experience in new construction, conversion and maintenance of residential and commercial properties. Plenty of input for a clear-cut, unified brand positioning for the future. The new positioning was then translated into a new company name and a recognizable visual identity. A new targeted website was developed and all communication tools for announcing the merger were installed.


Schotte Hoogerbrugge was introduced as a brand and as the committed partner in construction. The expertise and the focal areas of both construction companies complement each other perfectly, giving them a strong foundation for the future. With the brand foundation that has been realized - consisting of clear brand positioning, recognizable visual identity and effective website - Schotte Hoogerbrugge can continue building up their own strong brand. We are proud of our collaboration with Schotte Hoogerbrugge and its successful launch.
“With the brand foundation that has now been realized, we can work together on building the best possible future.”

Nina Hoogerbrugge & Suzanne Schotte - Management

Nina Hoogerbrugge & Suzanne Schotte - Management

About Schotte Hoogerbrugge

Schotte Hoogerbrugge is a renowned construction company based in the Oostland region (Pijnacker-Nootdorp and Lansingerland). Clients are sure of the best possible construction process and a high-quality, sustainable result when they employ the Schotte Hoogerbrugge construction company. Schotte Hoogerbrugge the committed partner in construction.

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