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Do you have a question about brand building, marketing or our way of working? Here you can find an overview of frequently-asked questions and our answers. Is your question not included? Don't hesitate to contact us.

What is the value of a strong brand?

A strong brand will increase your market share and improves your price margins. The brand always represents a value on the balance sheet. Research has shown that brand value represents an average of 20% of a company's market value.

How do we increase our market share with a strong brand?

Growth of your market share depends on more than a short-term increase in sales among customers who are already familiar with your brand. Aim for the ideal balance between branding and sales promotion. Building your brand for the long term will help you achieve brand preference, which you can then turn into more revenue through sales activation.

How much budget do we need for brand building?

According to research by Binet and Field, it makes sense for consumer brands to put 60 per cent of the budget into brand building and 40 per cent into sales activation. For corporate brands, this is 46% brand building and 54% sales activation.

What are the risks of a short-term focus?

Many organizations struggle to find the right balance between branding and sales activation. Especially when the company's results are lacking behind, the first reaction is to strive for a quick fix. But only looking at the number of clicks and leads to determine the success of your marketing, your organization is vulnerable to losing market share in the long run.

How do we communicate about an upcoming merger or acquisition?

When two companies merge or a company is acquired, a key success factor is crystal-clear communication from a strong brand foundation. There is only one moment to announce the merger and introduce the new organization. In our role as strategic and creative partner, we have put a new face on many companies following mergers and takeovers.

How do we deal with various different brands within our company?

By looking strategically at your brand architecture, you can achieve your long-term goals for your brands and your company. You can do this in several ways. Every brand can stand alone or you can use the same brand name for all of your labels. You can make conscious choices based on a strategic brand architecture.

What makes Vandeez different from other marketing agencies?

Many agencies start straight away by making plans. They want to go full-steam ahead! Due to their enthusiasm, they skip an important first step: laying a solid foundation. That is the basis for building a distinctive brand.

How will you deal with our marketing staff?

We will involve your marketing staff intensively throughout the process. They are often our contact point and they play an important role in communicating the positioning to your organization and the target audience.

What are examples of brands you have worked for?

Take a look at our recent work and discover how we help ambitious brands grow. A blend of strategy, design and online. Work that has made us and our clients proud.

How do I define my company's positioning?

To define your company's positioning, you should look at your brand identity, brand playing field and brand message. Answer questions such as: What do you stand for and what are your aims? Why should customers choose your organization? Do you stand out among the other players in your market? Brand positioning will help you make clear-cut choices about which aspects of your brand you want to communicate to your customer.

How do I make sure my brand is considered by the right target group?

Brand positioning will help you make clear-cut choices about which aspects of your brand you want to communicate to your customer. This creates structure within your organization and ensures that your brand is distinctive, is considered and chosen by the right target group. You look at your identity, the playing field that you are treading and the final key message.

How do I make sure that employees and potential employees want to work for my brand?

clearly what you stand for and where you are going. Show people the kind of company they will be working for and how you contribute to their development and job satisfaction. With employer branding, we help organizations convey the right story to retain and attract good people.

How can our brand stand out from competitors?

We will achieve brand positioning by discovering what makes your target audience tick and find out how we can make your brand stand out from all the other players in the market. Then we will create a powerful visual identity that highlights your uniqueness, recognition and likeability. Repetition provides the power. Our approach is to create a strong brand foundation which will allow you to fulfil your ambitions.

What are changes in our market that we need to consider?

The world is changing fast. Companies need to respond to changes in the market more than ever before. Curious about which changes will matter to you? And how marketing can play an important role in helping your company grow? Select your sector in the overview on our Sector page.

How can our visual identity help achieve our ambitions?

What does your brand look like? How do people recognize you? Tailoring your visual identity to your organization's DNA and its ambitions will create unity and increase its attractiveness to your target audience. Repetition provides the power. A unified image: from color to typography and from visual identity to visual language.

How do we create uniqueness and recognition in our branding?

A brand becomes recognizable when the logo and all design elements are used consistently. Whether the design is for a pamphlet, a website or product. Together, they form a total design experience, or what we call the visual identity. Tailoring your visual identity to your organization's DNA and its ambitions will create unity and increase its attractiveness to your target audience.

Why is a brand book an important tool?

In the brand book, we collect the key elements of your brand in one inspiring and guiding document. The brand book tells the story of your brand in words and images. It describes the brand positioning and visual identity to your team and stakeholders. So everyone who works with your brand knows what your brand stands for and is aiming for.

What is the difference between restyling and rebranding?

Restyling is a good option if you notice that your visual identity no longer connects with your target group. The more your brand depends on visual recognition, the more important it is to take care that you remain recognizable. A restyle is essentially a make-over, whereas rebranding goes further. Mergers, acquisitions and internationalization are reasons for choosing rebranding. A rebranding can even go as far as changing the brand name.

Do you also provide new photography?

We have a network of photographers we use for our projects. We can write a photography briefing and supervise photography projects.

How does my website become an important tool for achieving my goals?

Your most important brand elements come together on a website. It tells your story and convinces your clients to choose your organization. You can set your organization apart from the rest and achieve your goals by developing a website with optimal user experience, clean design and appealing content.

How can I make my website is easier to find online?

With better online findability, your website is placed high in search engine rankings when a certain search term is typed in. The higher you place, the greater the chance that someone will click on your website. Providing the website with good SEO texts and also technically optimizing the website for the various search engines mean that your website will be found more easily by your target audience.

How do I create optimal user experience on my website?

We will help you create optimal user experience by charting the ideal customer journey and translating this into your website. Next, we will optimize the website for desk top, cell phone and tablet and we will thoroughly test the website before it goes live.

Do you also write the website texts?

Our copywriters can also take on website texts. We write catchy, engaging texts that match the needs of your target audience and the goals of your website. Are you operating in an international market? Then it is possible to add additional languages to your website. We round off the website by adding existing images or we facilitate new photography.

Do you only design websites or do you also build websites?

As soon as a website design is finalized, our technical department can also build the website. The website and demo content are developed in a test setting. Before going live, the website is thoroughly tested and optimized for use on desktop, cell phones and tablets.

How do we increase brand awareness?

Want to bring your brand to life with your target group? We will kick start your brand with a clear-cut marketing plan, well-designed content plan and creative concepts. Together, we strengthen the focus of your marketing activities and create brand awareness.

How do we take advantage of the opportunities provided by online marketing?

Make sure that your brand remains innovative and seize the opportunities provided by online marketing. We will give your brand a digital kick start with a focused website and a clear content and marketing plan. Together, we strengthen the focus of your marketing activities.

How do I use social media effectively?

With a content plan, we provide a well-considered plan for creating and distributing valuable content on social media. This enables you to find, engage and activate a loyal audience. A content plan ensures that you don't get sidetracked by daily concerns, but focus on sharing content on your social media channels.

How do we appeal to our target group in other countries?

Want to bring your brand to life with your target group in other countries? Every country has its own public with specific wishes and needs. We will give your brand an international kick start through a clear-cut marketing plan, well-designed content plan and creative concepts. Together, we strengthen the focus of your marketing activities.

How do we use marketing in a structured way and achieve our goals?

We use a marketing plan to determine your company's approach to marketing. We state what we want to achieve, the people we want to reach, what we want to communicate and when, and the channels we will use to do this. The marketing plan is an indispensable tool for using marketing to achieve your goals in a targeted, effective way.

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