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Claim your unique position with brand positioning

What do you stand for? Why should customers choose your organization? How do you stand out among other players in your market? Claim your unique position with a sharp brand positioning.

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distinctive brand positioning

With brand positioning, you make sharp choices about which aspects of your brand to communicate to your target audience. It contributes to a strong, consistent, and appealing representation of your brand, which is crucial in a competitive market. It communicates:
  • Who you are and what you stand for
  • Where your organization is headed
  • How you can differentiate yourself from competitors
  • How to appeal to your potential customers
Based on desk research, strategic sessions, and interviews, we arrive at your distinctive positioning. Delivered as a handbook, it provides you with the tools to realize your brand positioning.

the steps to a strong brand positioning

brand Identity

The brand identity is the core of your brand. It is what you stand for and where you are going. By clearly formulating your brand identity together, you gain focus and direction in everything you do. The brand identity includes your mission, vision, and brand values, among other elements.

external playing field

Why does your target audience choose your brand? Once your brand identity is clear, we explore your brand's playing field. Here, we search for the deepest motivations of your target audience and determine how your brand can distinguish itself from other players in the market.

powerful brand message

Based on your brand identity and playing field, we determine how your brand will express itself to the outside world. With a sharp brand message, you give your target audience the reason to choose your brand and confirm their feelings and desires.

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