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brand strategy: claim the right space

Do you want to claim the right place in the minds and hearts of people? With a brand strategy, you convey what your organization stands for, where it is headed, and how your brand can distinguish itself from competitors. Together with you, we make strategic choices that assist in achieving your ambitions.

brand positioning

What do you stand for? Why should customers choose your organization? How do you stand out among other players in your market? Claim your unique position with a sharp brand positioning.

brand architecture

Do you have multiple products or brands in your portfolio? Then it is essential to establish the interrelation of the brands, in other words, to determine the brand architecture.

brand creation

Do you want to introduce a new brand or product? We provide insights and advice to make well-informed decisions. From strategy and naming to appearance and launch. Together, we create a brand with impact.

brand compass session

Why should customers choose your organization? How do you differentiate your brand? And how do you bring focus to your marketing activities? During an interactive 1-day session, your marketing course becomes concrete.

brand review

Where does your brand stand compared to the competition? With a brand review session, we delve into the performance of your brand and provide concrete recommendations and action points to achieve your goals with your marketing activities.

about Vandeez

As a creative agency, we blend strategy, design, and online expertise to enhance the value and impact of brands. Step by step we build your strong brand together.

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