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In the coming years, the construction industry will face a number of major societal challenges. In the Netherlands, we not only need to build more, we also need to get faster, smarter and more effective. Quite a challenge to make construction companies move towards change. What are these changes? And what can construction companies do to stay future-proof? Find out below.


modular construction
Modular construction allows smarter use of the available labor. Modularity involves off-site prefabrication and assembly on the building site. It has many advantages. The construction time is shorter and there are fewer construction defects. Labor costs per house are much lower because fewer workers are needed.

speeding up construction
There is little chance that the Dutch housing market will slow down in the near future due to the shortage of affordable rental houses and houses for sale. Besides accelerating housing construction through government subsidy, additional policies are needed to address the problems in the housing market. Tackling the housing market requires the construction of new houses, as well patience and more top-down action from the government.

continuing labor market shortage
The labor market shortage is expected to continue in the coming years. Good HR management is becoming even more important for finding and keeping the right people.

robotizing, artificial intelligence and digitization
Robotizing, artificial intelligence and digitization are going to turn the construction industry upside down. For example: smart technology can predict when maintenance and renovations are necessary. Another example is the use of virtual reality to find out what people want and translate these ideas into solutions for building new homes.

working together for climate and sustainability
The Netherlands wants to have sustainable, climate-proof, circular-built houses, bridges, sluices and infrastructure. This is an enormous task and it can only succeed through collaboration of the stakeholders. All of the parties in the chain, from policy makers, clients and managers, to architectural firms, contractors, suppliers and others, must work more closely together to achieve the best possible social outcome.

scarcity of resources and raw materials
The sector is also facing challenges in the areas of availability and the price of resources and raw materials. The manufacturing industry is not only struggling with high purchase prices, but some materials are becoming unobtainable due to scarcity.

towards a circular construction industry
The government intends to continue to steer towards a circular construction sector. The recycling of construction and demolition waste and the adoption of the CO₂ performance ladder by larger construction companies are steps in the right direction.

construction from an integrall viewpoint
New design techniques thoroughly examine socio-cultural, economic, spatial and aesthetic elements before construction begins and these elements are balanced in the subsequent design. This is the new 'integral approach' which is needed to ensure a safe and healthy living environment for now and for the future.

The above data is based, among other things, on the research report commissioned by the Rabobank: ‘Koers 2030’ (Course towards 2030).

market challenges

The effective use of marketing is playing an increasingly large role in promoting the potential growth and future-proofing of companies in the construction sector. As a construction company, do you recognize yourself in any of the marketing challenges below?

  • Your brand is not reaching the desired target group
  • You don't have a compelling story that convinces customers
  • You do not stand out from the other players in your market
  • You have a strategic ambition that you cannot achieve with your current branding
  • You struggle to find employees or your current employees have no pride in their work
  • Your brand is missing out on the huge opportunities of digitization
  • Your brand no longer matches current market and customer needs
  • Your branding lacks individuality and recognizability
  • You lack sharp choices in where to go with your brand

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