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create recognition and preference with your visual identity

How does your brand present itself? What identifies your brand? A powerful brand appearance ensures recognition and preference among your target audience. Repetition is key in this regard. One consistent appearance: from color usage to typography and from logo to visual language.

corporate identity

Creating a corporate identity that ensures uniqueness, recognition, and preference? Together, we realize a corporate identity that leaves an indelible impression on your target audience.

visual identity carriers

Do your visual identity carriers seamlessly align with each other? Your website, campaigns, business cards, corporate clothing, communication materials? Together, we ensure that all visual identity carriers form a reinforcing whole that aligns with your DNA and ambition.

brand book

For the brand book, we gather the key elements of your brand in one inspiring and guiding document. The brand book tells the story of your brand in words and images. Handy for internal colleagues and external partners.

creative concepts

Do you want everyone to talk about you, celebrate the grand opening of your new building, or completely surprise your own employees? Together with you, we realize creative ideas and bring them to life.

tone of voice

Communiceer je naar al je doelgroepen op een consistente en herkenbare manier? Een manier die past bij je identiteit en ambitie? Dat doe je met een passende tone of voice.

about Vandeez

As a creative agency, we blend strategy, design, and online expertise to enhance the value and impact of brands. Step by step we build your strong brand together.

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Want to create a powerful visual identity?