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From local butcher shop to a national brand

As a 'Butchery With Stars', Butchery Aad van Eijk is one of the best butchers in the Netherlands. After practicing the butcher's trade with passion for 50 years, Aad passed on the butchery to his children. Daughter Carla and son Walter have proudly continued the craftsmanship. They approached Vandeez with the challenge of how to turn a local butcher's shop into a national brand. This requires seizing opportunities and investing in the brand.


Slagerij Aad van Eijk


  • brand positioning
  • visual identity
  • website
  • brand activation


Butchery Aad van Eijk has always considered it important to make people aware of what they eat. Their own livestock has had a good life in peace and space, and you can taste it in the meat. But how do you get the pure products from the butchery to as many people as possible? First of all, the story of Butchery Aad van Eijk has been brought together in a brand strategy and renewed branding. Subsequently, a new website has been set up that goes beyond just being the business card of the local butcher's shop.


A unique concept. In addition to artisanal meat from their shop, Butchery Aad van Eijk now offers their customers a unique webshop experience on their website. All pure products can be delivered to homes throughout the Netherlands. Furthermore, they inspire customers with recipes from their own kitchen. They offer a full catering service. And they pass on their knowledge of the trade through various workshops. With campaigns and continuous brand expansion, Butchery Aad van Eijk continues to grow. Their brand is now more than a name; it represents a value on the balance sheet.
We are proud of our family business and our story. We can now present it much more clearly in the market with the right approach and the right tools.

Carla van Eijk - Owner

Carla van Eijk - Owner

About Butchery Aad van Eijk

Butchery Aad van Eijk is a 'Butchery with Stars' and belongs to the best butchers in the Netherlands. The origin of the meat is very important to Butchery Aad van Eijk. They offer quality through craftsmanship, and you can taste it. Pure products, meat from their own livestock. In this way, they contribute to a conscious and healthy eating pattern for their customers. The pure products of Butchery Aad van Eijk are not only available in the shop in Voorschoten but also easy to order in their webshop.

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